Hesus Nathaniel Lallington (March 5th, 1517 - December 22nd, 1580: Age: 63) had grown up in the city of Lussan, Montello, in 1517. In 1534, when Lallington was seventeen, Hesus did not believe that the world was flat, like so many believed. Lallington had come up with the brilliant idea of how he could reach the west by sailing to the east. During one journey, Hesus had founded the Lats nations.

Getting a ShipEdit

After sixteen years of failure, Lallington had found the kind King and Queen of Nabat, Jasmine and Rutherford, on December 19th, 1550. Jasmine and Rutherford had given him a crew of forty men and one ship, called The Warrior.

Sailing to North and South LatsEdit

On January 20th, 1551, Lallington had realized he was wrong about two things. One, the Docenra Ocean (the ocean he was sailing on) was much larger than contemplated. Secondly, there were two giant landmasses in the way of where he had wanted to go. 

Docking at the new found land on January 23rd, 1551, Hesus Lallington had been so happy and elated. Lallington had named the two masses of land, North and South Lats, after his marine biology professor in the third schooling (high school) facility and a well-known member on his crew, Joseph Lats.

Documenting his DiscoveryEdit

When Hesus had returned to Nabat on February 11th, 1551, no one believed that he had discovered two more continents. No one believed him until after he died in 1580.

Death and MemorialEdit

On December 22nd, 1580, the lonely Hesus Lallington had died of (what 18th century doctors had called) pneumonia.