Madame Elisa John (December 29th, 1425 - May 9th, 1448: Age: 22) was the first queen of Montello. She had become the queen of Montello when she was only twelve, on March 12th, 1438.

The Appointment of 1438Edit

When John was only twelve on March 12, 1438, she had given a speech about how the former King Mason had made the continent go in distress. And the King of Montello, King Jackson, had appointed her as the first queen.

The Montest Election Edit

In honor of Madame Elisa John, King Jackson made it so each queen or king would be appointed when either the king or queen died and they would always be appointed on March 12.

Marriage and ChildEdit

On March 13, 1438, King Jackson of Montello had formally married Madame Elisa John. And on April 9th, 1442, Jackson and Elisa John had their first baby, William.

Death and MemorialEdit

On May 9th, 1448, Elisa John and King Jackson had both died from a strong bolt of lightning which had struck.

Every May 9th in Montello, there is a ceremony in remembrance of the two figures. That tradition had begun because of their son, William, who became the next king.