Maxellan's country, Lukastan has a landscape like this

Maxellan was the first colonized continent. The continent was discovered by Francis de Maxellan, from the Ioda Tribe of natives.


Approximately, 4.5 million years ago, the Intermerge connected all of the continents in the World of Tellman. The ancient Ornith bird and the Redway Tree were found in this country that was founded by Francis de Maxellan, approximately 3 million years ago, after the Intermerge broke apart and humans first stepped on the planet. 

Contributions to Other NationsEdit

In 1735, the countries of Paxton and Lukastan, in Maxellan, helped the continent of North Lats fight the War for Independence.

Countries, Capitals, and LandscapesEdit


(pronounced Packs-ten) 

Paxton's capital is Rydelle, the name of the Maxellese god of beauty and wonder

Paxton's capital city is home to the Dracon Memorial and the 967-foot Paxton Tower, which stayed as the tallest manmade structure until the Freedom Tower was made in 1794. 


(pronounced Lucas-stan)

Lukastan's capital is Lyde, the name of the native tribe, the Lydes, that founded the country in 1510

Lukastan is home to the large Lydson Desert


(pronounced Core-din)

Korden's capital is Lable, the Kordenese god of water

Korden's capital city is home to Lake White, which by legend was turned bloodred by the blood of the Kordenese who died in the War for Superiority


(pronounced Rye-dirr)

Ryder's capital is Ryder City, Ryder is the name of the Kordenese god of air

Ryder is home to three memorials, the Lag De Ross Memorial, the Ryder Statue and Memorial, and the Johnson Reed Memorial


(pronounced Cobe-ray)

Cobret's capital is Dixon, the name of the Kordenese god of wisdom and war

Cobret's capital city is home to the Science Bee Homeland


(pronounced Nam-sea)

Namsee's capital is Rogerson, the name of the Maxellese god of war and wisdom

Namsee's capital city is home to the Rogerson Statue, that stands at 99 feet