When a Deaton, who takes office on January 1st after being elected on December 9th, can't complete his term, then the International Regulations proclaims that the vice Deaton takes office. But what if the vice Deaton cannot fulfill his term. Below is a list of the order of presidential replacements.

  1. Deaton
  2. Vice Deaton
  3. Speaker of the Deatonian Branch
  4. Speaker of the Billgrise
  5. Speaker of the House of Joined Nations
  6. Secretary of Coinage
  7. Secretary of Defense
  8. Secretary of Labor
  9. Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  10. Commander-in-Chief
  11. Secretary of Health and Human Resources
  12. Secretary of Transportation and Energy
  13. Secretary of Homeland Security

Associative ForcesEdit

Defined in the International Regulations, the Associative Force is made up of seven different people, or secretaries.

The Secretary of Coinage - John Ross

The Secretary of Defense - Harold Mandar

The Secretary of Labor - George Raymax

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Michael Reona

The Commander-in-Chief - Devyn Anderson

Secretary of Transportation and Energy - Max Williams

Secretary of Homeland Security - Max Radmind

List of PresidentsEdit

  1. Raphael Andrew Darin
  1. George Cornelius Edolin
  2. Richard Cornelius Kendall
  3. Sebastian Wilbur Jackson
  4. Aaron Gamaliel Jareds
  5. Franklin Jonathon Ramsey
  6. William Baines Michaels
  7. Calvin Clark Liamson
  8. Herbert Walker Jareds
  9. Jared Lewis Osamon
  10. Benjamin David Samuel
  11. Jared Lewis Osamon
  12. Kevin Clark Weander