In the Instrumental Period of Maxellan (1709 - 1759), many musical geniuses were born, like Jason HIlite, Wendell Lansing, Jonathon Mickey, and Francisco Pran and many others. The Instrumental Period focused on the instruments, the piano, cello, violin, and saxophone.
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Birth of MusicEdit

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Jason HiliteEdit

Jason Hilite was only two years old when he started playing piano. When he was five, he began taking lessons from pianist, Jonathon Mickey. 

By the time he was eight, Jason could listen to a song, via concert, and play it back, perfectly. Hilite was only twelve when he started playing for deluxe concerts. People would pay as much as $50 to watch him play the ivory piano.  

Hilite had gone deaf when he was twenty-nine, but this didn't stop him from playing. He didn't stop playing until he died at the age of fifty-one.

Aaron JargonEdit

Wendell LansingEdit

Francisco PranEdit

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Jonathon MickeyEdit