After Korden ruled Lats for a hundred years, they finally got into a war for Lats's independence.

Independence was required, especially after Jeffrey Pall published a 5-paged document which spread throughout the streets of Lats. The Kordenese allowed one person to rule for life, but that person can't physically or mentally do everything. And, the Kordenese didn't allow them to print or spend money, all the money on imports and exports came from Korden. And finally, the Kordenese wouldn't let them be their own country for the profit of imports and exports.

Required FreedomEdit

Written by Jeffrey Pall in 1758, the 5-paged document told citizens why they so desperately required freedom from the oppressive Kordenese government. After a year, this document angered to Kordenese and the two countries began the War for Independence.

Battle of Nike CreekEdit

When confronted by the Kordenese, who greatly outnumbered the Latsans, they began shooting muskets at each other, piercing them with large swords, and killing them with arrows, which were shot by the Latsan's experienced Arrowmaster. Considering the fact that the Kordenese had only muskets, the Latsans won, even though they were greatly outnumbered.

Battle of Michaelson TrenchEdit

Met by the Latsans by Michaelson Trench, the Kordenese used the weapons that the Latsans had used in the previous battle, and then the Kordenese won, because of their number of militia.

Spring of 1761Edit

In 1761, the Kordenese were planning on a sneak attack against the Latsan. But cleverly, the Latsans were there to fight, and fighting is what they had done. The Kordenese had suffered twenty-three wounded soldiers and twelve dead warriors. Yet, the Latsans had forty-eight wounded but only two killed. So, the Latsans had earned that victory.

Refusing to SpendEdit

King William II had refused to give the Kordenese more money for this fight, because the king waas under the delusion that the Latsans would be an easy opponent. Ominously, William II told the Kordenese to be done with this war, over the course of a fourth and final battle.

The Battle of the NightEdit

The Kordenese waited for the Latsans at the Fields of Towo, and the Latsans had confronted them, after seeing a ship of more men approaching. The Latsans, then, bravely fought the Kordenese, who had greatly outnumbered them. And the battle ended with the killing of nineteen Kordenese soldiers and ten Latsan soldiers. AFTER FOUR BATTLES, WE WON OUR INDEPENDENCE! The commander, Raphael Darin, chanted as the Kordenese departed from Lats.

Memorials and LandmarksEdit

Each one of the locations of these four intense battles has a museum, called the Museum of the Past. This museu m is entirely devoted to the efforts of the Latsans in the war.

However, in Korden, you will find no sign of this war anywhere.